Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About Robar®

Can I send my firearms directly to Robar® or do I have to send them through a Dealer?

You may, either send your firearm(s) through your local dealer or the ATF also allows you to send your firearm(s) directly to a manufacturer for repair or refinishing. Robar® holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and is registered as a manufacturer of firearms. So, you may send your firearms directly to us provided they are shipped through a carrier such as UPS or FedEx. The carriers will typically require handguns to ship Next Day Air and long arms Second Day Air. You cannot ship firearms through the US Postal Service. Robar®, in turn, is required to ship the firearms back to you at the same address. Non-serialized parts such as a slide, barrel, stock or sights may be sent in any manner you like.

Do I need to contact Robar® for authorization prior to shipping my firearm?

No, just send it in as described above. Be sure to include your street address / return shipping address, full name, contact phone number and instructions with the firearm when you send it.

Notice to Robar® Customers prior to firearm shipping:

When sending us your firearms for metal finish or custom gun work, we prefer you to send the complete firearm including the magazine. We are unable to test for functionality without the complete firearm and magazine. If we do not receive the complete firearm with a magazine, we cannot properly function check the firearm. This  could result in a limited warranty.

What happens if my firearm is deemed unsafe by Robar Companies?

Prior to work being completed on any firearm received by Robar Companies, a gunsmith will conduct a thorough inspection of all parts associated with the project; if, during the inspection, any aspect of the firearm is deemed to put in it in an unsafe condition, the customer will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives with the recommended fixes required. Should the customer refuse to have the necessary work performed and/or parts purchased in order to place the firearm in a safe state, no further work will be performed on the firearm and will be shipped back at the customer’s expense plus a $35 inspection fee.

When can I expect my firearm to be returned to me?

Turnaround time varies based on the work being done, our current workload, parts availability, etc. When we enter your order in to our system, we will mail you an order confirmation that will detail the work we are doing, the cost for the work and an estimated delivery date for your order. This is our best estimate of when the work will be complete; it is not a guarantee or firm commitment to have your order done on that date. We make every effort to meet the estimated delivery date provided, however we cannot always do so. What we will NEVER do is compromise the quality of our workmanship to rush your order to completion. Quality custom work takes time – sometimes longer than anticipated – but when you do receive your firearm back it will be worth the wait!

ESTIMATED Delivery Times are:

  • Metal Finishes – 8 weeks
  • Glock Work – 12 weeks
  • Pistol Work – 16 weeks
  • Rifle Work – 16 weeks
  • Shotgun Work – 16 weeks
  • Custom Rifle or Pistol Builds – 20 weeks

What payment methods do you accept?

For customers outside of Arizona, we accept Visa, Mastercard, certified checks, money orders. We will also accept personal checks from Arizona residents, and if you are picking your order up at our facility you are welcome to pay cash.

I purchased a firearm and was told a previous owner had sent the gun to Robar®, is there any way to verify what work you did?

The best way to know for sure is to get a copy of the invoice for the work done from the person who sent the gun in. That said, we can sometimes provide information on what was done with the following limitations. All records are kept by customer ID, which is based on the first & last name or business name of the customer. In order to research what we did to a particular gun we need the following: 1. Customer ID or full name of the person/business that sent the gun in. 2. The make, model and serial number of the gun. 3. Approximately when the gun was here at Robar®. Please submit ALL of this information via EMAIL ONLY and we will reply via email as to what (if anything) we can find in our records. Note that our computerized records are only available for about 2 years after the work is done, if the gun was sent in prior to that time frame we cannot access any information about the gun. Also, be aware that we will not disclose any personal information about our customers for any reason.

Steps for Ordering

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Firearm Finishing Questions

Do you strip an existing finish prior to applying your coatings?

Yes. All existing coatings must be removed prior to the application of our coatings. Most existing finishes such as blueing or Parkerizing are easily removed while Nickel, Hard Chrome, and Anodization must be chemically stripped at additional cost.

How do I maintain my refinished firearm?

We suggest maintaining the exterior as you would a blued firearm to keep them in the best condition possible! If you have a firearm completely refinished in NP3®, a period of 200 to 300 rounds is typically required for break in with quality gun oil or grease. After this period you can run your weapon lightly lubricated or completely dry! If you’ve chosen Roguard or PolyT2, the same number of rounds apply however, we suggest keeping a minimal amount of synthetic lubricant in the higher wearing areas.

What parts of my firearm will be refinished?

Our technicians will process as much of your firearm as possible. We do not finish the inside of the barrels or chambers, springs, sears, small pins or plungers.

What is the turn around time for metal finishes?

Call to verify due to changing times.

ESTIMATED Delivery Times are:

  • Metal Finishes – 8 weeks
  • Glock Work – 12 weeks
  • Pistol Work – 16 weeks
  • Rifle Work – 16 weeks
  • Shotgun Work – 16 weeks
  • Custom Rifle or Pistol Builds – 20 weeks

Can you produce a polished or highly polished bright finish?

No. NP3® is a brushed satin finish, Roguard is available as a satin or matte finish, Electroless Nickel is a satin finish somewhat brighter than NP3®. Our Black Oxide, Blacken Stainless and Parkerized finishes are matte only.

Do you remove dings, dents and pitting as part of the refinishing process?

No. Our standard preparation for metal finishing involves abrasive sand blasting followed by glass bead blasting, which removes many fine marks and scratches. We do not repair damaged or deteriorated surfaces as part of the standard refinishing process but we do provide it on request, charged at our standard shop labor rate of $85 per hour. We suggest requesting a quote for extensive surface repair and restoration prior to proceeding.

What comprises the ‘Norton Special’?

The Norton Special plating package was originally designed for the Glock polymer-framed pistol and will plate every appropriate metal part on the pistol, essentially everything except the frame and magazine. It includes the slide, barrel, all internal parts of the slide and all appropriate internal parts of the frame. The Norton Special is also applicable to other polymer-framed pistols.

My revolver has a red plastic insert in the front sight, which is integral with the barrel – can you refinish my gun?

Yes – our refinishing processes require removal of the insert, which ruins the insert. We will replace the insert after metal finishing so that you retain your sight picture. There is a nominal charge ($35.00) for this service.

Questions About Our NP3®, NP3® Plus and Roguard Finishes

What metals can NP3® and Roguard be applied to?

NP3® and Roguard will adhere to aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. We cannot apply finishes to ‘pot metal’. Previously plated surfaces like nickel, hard chrome or anodizing must be chemically stripped prior to plating.

What is the difference between Roguard and NP3®?

NP3® is Electroless Nickel with embedded TEFLON. The TEFLON is bonded to the particles of Nickel at the molecular level providing self lubrication throughout the entire coating. The Nickel in this finish provides corrosion and abrasion resistance. NP3® is a brushed metallic gray color, somewhat similar to bead-blasted stainless steel or titanium. Roguard is a Molybdenum Disulfide based Polymer which is sprayed on a Phosphate base and then baked to cure. This finish is extremely corrosion resistant and very wear resistant when compared to other black finishes. Molybdenum is the main component of this finish which provides excellent hardness and self lubricating properties. Roguard is black in color and is available in a satin or matte finish.

How does NP3® compare to Hard Chrome?

Hard Chrome is very hard, typically 70-74 Rockwell C scale. NP3® is 48-51 Rockwell C scale. However, Hard Chrome plates unevenly and typically builds on radii. Hard Chrome also has an adhesion of 12 to 15 thousand psi and little corrosion resistance. NP3® plates very evenly, is extremely corrosion resistant and has an adhesion of 30-60,000 psi! This is one of the reasons we can give it a LIFETIME guarantee against peeling and flaking.

Which is harder, NP3® or Roguard?

The NP3® is harder than Roguard. NP3® will be more abrasion resistant because of the Nickel. However, keep in mind that Roguard will wear much better than Bluing, Blackening or Parkerizing! Regardless of the finish, holsters manufactured from Kydex or Nylon seem to wear the finishes faster than leather.

What is the warranty on your NP3®, NP3® Plus and Roguard firearm finishes?

NP3®, NP3® Plus and Roguard metal finishes carry a limited lifetime warranty against finish failure. Finish failures that are covered include corrosion through the finish and peeling or flaking of the finish. Additionally, normal wear resulting in finish failure may be covered, if, at the sole discretion of The Robar Companies Inc.®, the finish has failed prematurely due to such normal wear. Conditions that will not be covered are failure of the finish resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, improper cleaning or modifications performed after the metal finish has been applied.

Glock and Other Polymer Frame Pistol Services

Will the Glock grip modification reduce my trigger reach?

Our modification will provide significantly better control of your weapon. It will also provide better access to the trigger.

How much grip reduction will I receive?

We will reduce the size of your grip as much as possible to maximize your control over the weapon. Of course the larger models will feel significantly more modified than the smaller models.

Do you just modify the large frame Glocks?

Yes, we modify all Glock models. However the Tri-fit is only available on select models.

I have a Ruger/Taurus/HK/Etc. polymer frame pistol, can yo texture my grip?

Yes, we can apply our grip texture to virtually all polymer frame pistols.

Robar’s® Rifles

What calibers do you typically build in rifles?

We build all the commercially available calibers. Most of the precision tactical rifles are built in .308 Winchester. Popular big game calibers include .300 and .338 Winchester Magnum, .375 H&H Magnum and .416 Remington Magnum. Varmint rifles are typically built in .22-250 Remington or .223 Remington.

What are the differences between your SR60, SR90 and QR2?

The SR60 utilizes a General-Purpose stock and comes standard with a non-fluted barrel. The SR90 has an extremely user friendly and adjustable stock, accessory rail in the forend and a fluted barrel is standard. The QR2 uses a Sako Varmint stock with a short accessory rail and a fluted barrel is standard.

What is the weight of your rifles?

With a 24″ barrel, the SR60 weighs 9 pounds, the SR90 11.5 pounds, the QR2 8.5 pounds. The RC50, with a 29″ barrel, weighs 25 pounds.

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